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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Not sure where to go to find out what you´re looking for about the Chamber on this website? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers, as well as a list of who to contact to find out about particular Chamber programs and services.

What does Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce do?

The mission of the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce is to represent members by advancing and promoting the economic health and quality of life of the region. We strive to achieve this by being a central force in the greater community and a place where local businesses can access resources and interact with other members of the business community.

How does it work?

The policies and programs of the Chamber are determined by the Board of Directors. They, in turn, employ a paid chief executive officer, whose responsibility is to organize and execute the Chamber´s programs and carry out its policies.

What is the basis for the Chamber´s annual dues structure?

Membership dues are based on the number of full time equivalent employees supported by the company. There are different dues categories for different industries. Call or email the Chamber´s Membership Department to find out more. Click here to fill out an information form and someone from the Membership Department will respond.

May I attend functions as a non-member?

Many events are open to the public, including our Candidate Forums, Legislative Coffees, workshops and seminars. Chamber members receive significant discounts to attend events. If you are interested in joining the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, contact Amy M. Farr at (605) 373-2013.

How can I be involved?

The Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce has numerous committees and advisory groups made up of volunteer members. To see a list of committees and their purposes, and to find out how you can get involved, click here.

What type of activities does the Chamber sponsor?

The Sioux Falls Chamber sponsors a variety of programs throughout the year. Regular events include Business Sense Workshops, monthly Membership Mixers, and Legislative Coffees during the Legislative Session, to name a few. For more information about upcoming events, contact Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce at (605) 336-1620, email the Chamber , or visit our Chamber Calendar.

Why should I join the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce?

Many businesses join the Chamber of Commerce because their membership enables them to support the Sioux Falls area business community and view their membership as an investment. Businesses and individuals also join the Chamber to be seen. Getting involved, networking and taking advantage of marketing opportunities are just some of the ways a Chamber membership helps boost business throughout the region.

Contact the Chamber for more information on joining.

Do you have Chamber members that are not Sioux Falls-based businesses?

Yes, there are numerous businesses that may not be based in Sioux Falls, but choose to support the community in which they do business by belonging to the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce.

How did Sioux Falls get its name?

Sioux Falls is named for the Sioux Indians and the waterfalls of the Big Sioux River, located a few blocks from today´s downtown district. The Indians named the water "minne waukon," meaning "sacred water." The falls remain a popular local landmark and tourist attraction, as do some of the city´s older buildings, which are still standing today.

Who do I contact about:

Accounts payable or receivable? Email Joan Bartling (605) 373-2020
Advertising in any of the Chamber´s publications? Email Jennie Doyen (605) 373-2054
Ag Appreciation Day? Email Holly Rader (605) 373-2016
Attending or sponsoring a networking event? Email Pat Lund (605) 373-2014
Business Leadership Council? Email Pat Lund (605) 373-2014
Business Sense Workshops? Email Valerie Willson (605) 373-2002
Chamber Advocate Email Justin Bentaas (605) 373-2006
Chamber Website? Email Thane Barnier (605) 373-2007
Getting involved on a committee? Email Pat Lund (605) 373-2014
Getting news published in Chamber News? Email Jennie Doyen (605) 373-2054
Hosting a Monthly Membership Mixer? Email Valerie Willson (605) 373-2014
Hosting a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony? Email Valerie Willson (605) 373-2037
Hosting Conventions, Meetings or Events? Email the CVB (605) 336-1620
Joining the Chamber? Email Amy M. Farr (605) 373-2013
Leadership Sioux Falls? Email Kayla Huizing (605) 373-2002
Legislative Policy Positions? Email Debra Owen (605) 373-2004
Membership Dues? Email Pat Lund (605) 373-2010
Military and Veterans Affairs Special Events? Email Valerie Willson (605) 373-2013
My membership record? Email Pat Lund (605) 373-2010
Online Members Only section? Email Pat Lund (605) 373-2014
Online Member to Member Discounts? Email Pat Lund (605) 373-2014
Purchasing publications or databases? Email Susan Seachris (605) 373-2018
Public policy issues? Email Debra Owen (605) 373-2004
Partnership opportunities for business and education? Email Mike Lynch (605) 373-2006
Quickly Publication? Email Jennie Doyen (605) 373-2054
Receiving newcomer information? Email the Chamber (605) 336-1620
Referring a possible new member to the Chamber? Email Amy M. Farr (605) 373-2013
Sioux Empire Livestock Show? Email Holly Rader (605) 373-2016
Sponsorships? Email Pat Lund (605) 373-2014
St. Patrick´s Day Extravaganza? Email Valerie Willson (605) 373-2037
Young Professionals Network? Email Kayla Huizing (605) 373-2002

For additional questions, call the main line at (605) 336-1620 or email the Chamber .

How do I receive:

Annual Report? Email Jennie Doyen (605) 373-2054
Chamber Advocate? Email Jennie Doyen (605) 373-2054
Chamber News? Email Jennie Doyen (605) 373-2054
Community Guide? Email Jennie Doyen (605) 336-1620
Quickly? Email Jennie Doyen (605) 373-2054
The Official Sioux Falls Visitors Guide? Email the CVB (605) 336-1620


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