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Issue Briefs

Issue Briefs

Issue Briefs are designed to provide clear, substantive and objective information to Chamber members on relevant and timely topics. These briefs are thoroughly researched and vetted by Chamber staff, Issues Research Council, Issues Management Council, the Chamber’s Executive Committee and ultimately brought to the Board of Directors for review prior to distribution to all Chamber members.

Issue Briefs are fluid documents, meaning that they may be updated several times as the Chamber tracks the issue.

Click below to view the Issue Briefs:

Highway Needs & Financing (394 KB PDF)
Initiated Measure 26 Issue Brief (2018) (167 KB PDF)
2018 Shape Places Update (79 KB PDF)
2018 Primary Election: Marsy's Law (CA-Y) (203 KB PDF)
2016 General Election: Independent Candidates Election Law (RL-19) (372 KB PDF)
2016 General Election: Removal of Legislature from Redistricting (CA-T) (539 KB PDF)
2016 General Election: Rights for Crime Victims (CA-S) (425 KB PDF)
2016 General Election: Tech School Governance (CA-R) (380 KB PDF)
2016 General Election: Youth Minimum Wage (RL-20) (368 KB PDF)
2016 General Election: Campaign Finance & Lobbying (IM 22) (463 KB PDF)
2016 General Election: Fees for Services (IM 23) (420 KB PDF)
2016 General Election: Nonpartisan Elections (CA-V) (376 KB PDF)
Overtime Pay Threshold (Fair Labor Standards Act) (420 KB PDF)
Pipelines (631 KB PDF)
School District Boundary Change (420 KB PDF)
Workers' Comp Ruling: Wheeler Case (449 KB PDF)
Building South Dakota Fund (598 KB PDF)
Lewis & Clark Regional Water System (366 KB PDF)
Any Willing Provider (832 KB PDF)
Marketplace Fairness Act (626 KB PDF)
Minimum Wage (650 KB PDF)
Transit & Paratransit (395 KB PDF)
Shape Places Zoning Ordinance (172 KB PDF)
85th Street and Minnesota Avenue Rezoning (168 KB PDF)
Spellerberg Aquatics Center (174 KB PDF)


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