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Position Statements

Chamber Position on 2018 General Election Ballot Measures

With election day upon us, the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce would like to encourage all of our members to get out and vote in tomorrow's election. A politically engaged community creates a strong community and we look forward to seeing you at the polls.

Tomorrow, you will encounter five separate ballot measures. The Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce has taken a stance on three of these. As your leading business and community advocate, the Chamber urges you to vote "NO" on Constitutional Amendment W, "YES" on Initiated Measure 25, and "Yes" on Constitutional Amendment Z To learn more about why the Chamber has taken these stances, please read the following summaries:

Constitutional Amendment W: The Chamber supports ethics and oversight reform legislation. However, Amendment W does nothing to return control to the people. Instead, it creates a 4th branch of government by declaring the new article to have control over the rest of the constitution. The new branch of government will operate outside the other three branches, with vast powers to conduct investigations, issue subpoenas and pass rules that could harass every public employee and elected official, including teachers and law enforcement officers. More troubling is the non-elected members of the new tribunal can vote in matters even if they have a conflict of interest. Our form of government is designed to ensure no individual or branch of government will have too much power, W would allow the tribunal to operate without checks and balances. W is wrong for South Dakota, we urge you to vote no.

Initiated Measure 25: The Chamber supports Initiated Measure 25 because workforce is key to South Dakota's economic sustainability and growth. South Dakota has the third highest technical school tuition in the country. The lack of local and regional funding to reduce tuition costs has not been addressed. Without well-funded and affordable technical schools, our community will continue to struggle with workforce challenges. If our state's high tuition costs are not addressed, South Dakota will continue to incentivize our workforce to take advantage of substantially cheaper technical education in surrounding states. Once our workforce has left South Dakota it is unlikely they will ever return to work here. We urge you to support IM 25.

Constitutional Amendment Z: We encourage you to support Constitutional Amendment Z, which would require that future proposed amendments to the constitution be limited to a single subject. This is the same rule our legislature follows in law making and it prevents confusion for voters.

For more detailed analysis, you can click on each ballot measure above to read the Chamber's full issue brief.

With that said, the most important thing is that our members express their views by getting out to vote tomorrow. Polls are open 7:00 am – 7:00 pm and your polling location is can be found on the Secretary of State's website by clicking here.

Position Statements

After extensive research and evaluation of certain issues, the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors may determine that an official position should be taken to reinforce the relevance and importance the issue has upon its membership.  A rationale for this decision is determined, including how this position aligns with the Chamber’s mission as well as the potential impact the issue could place upon its members.



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